Best Vision Insurance Companies Of 2021 – Forbes Advisor

Best Vision Insurance Companies Of 2021 – Forbes Advisor

Consider the following factors when comparing vision insurance plans and looking for the option that best fits your needs.

Wide Coverage

When it comes to vision insurance, it’s easiest to get coverage if the plan is offered in every state and there’s an extensive number of doctors within the insurance company’s network. In fact, it’s not only more convenient, but also helps prevent gaps in coverage should you move or need care while traveling.

Low Monthly Premiums

When compiling this list, we took the lowest possible monthly premiums of each insurance provider into account. While pricing varies based on your plan and demographic details—and greater coverage needs often require higher monthly premiums—it’s important to take your budget into consideration when looking for a new vision insurance plan.

Full or Partial Coverage of Annual Eye Examinations

One of the most used benefits of vision insurance is coverage of annual eye examinations. Not all vision insurance companies cover these exams completely, but most at least cover the majority of the cost.

Eyewear and Contact Lens Allowances

Whether you need glasses or contacts now or in the future, understand the allowances provided by your vision insurance plan for these expenses. Often, vision insurance covers frames for glasses, as well as contact lenses, up to a specified dollar amount. If you exceed this amount, the additional cost is considered an out-of-pocket expense.

Ease of Access

Accessibility is important when researching and enrolling in a vision insurance plan, as well as when you need to file a claim or reach a customer service representative. Reading reviews can give you a helpful idea as to how responsive the vision insurance company you’re considering is in times of need—not just when you’re trying to sign up for coverage.


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